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Brian Kesinger's Inked Tails

Brian Kesinger's Inked Tails

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Brian Kesinger's lovely, hand-drawn mermaid illustrations wash away misconceptions about undersea sirens while providing fresh insights into aquatic lore. Nuanced depictions of a diverse cross-section of these seldom-seen beings provide a revealing glimpse into their true-life realms. Contrary to popular beliefs, all mermaids do not look alike... genetics, geography, and socio-environmental circumstances contribute to a diverse mer-population that has never before been observed or presented with such in-the-field attention to detail.

The artist's elegant pen and wash renderings on pulpy paper are collected here in a faithful facsimile of his personal sketchbook that can be handed down from generation to generation ― preserving this historically significant chronicle of contemporary citizens of our planet's seas.

Caribbean pirate Miss Jessica, Chicago River flapper Roxie, and the bayou's crocodilian Madame Lizette are just three of many unique personalities profiled within the pages of this mini encyclopedia which is embellished with lenticular cover art showcasing Brian Kesinger's enchanting animation of Lady Elizabeth bobbing blissfully with her sea turtle companion at tea time. Cheers!
About the Author
Brian Kesinger is an Annie Award-winning story artist and illustrator. Hired at 18, he has worked for Walt Disney Animation for over 20 years. His work has been featured in over a dozen features, including Tarzan, Zootopia, and Frozen. His original paintings have been displayed in galleries around the world.

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