Current Projects

Animated Short Now In Production.

Everyone’s favorite pumpkinheaded inventor is going to be appearing in his first ever animated short. Stay tuned to learn more!

Past Projects

Time Traveling with your Octopus

Brian Kesinger’s new Otto & Victoria book is a chronicle of the duo’s precedent-setting back-and-forth forays through time.

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Dressing Your Octopus

An Otto and Victoria paper doll book that empowers your imagination and unlocks your inner storyteller.

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Dragons vs. Mermaids (Just Kidding!)

Hi. We are dragons and mermaids, and we've got a surprise for you... we aren't enemies – we're totally besties!

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"Drink With Your Octopus" Tiki Mugs by Brian Kesinger

Tiki culture meets Octo-Victorian sensibility in ceramic drinkware featuring Otto the Octopus & Victoria the Globetrotting Adventurer!

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The Fantastic Contraptions of Jasper J. Pumpkinhead

I'm Jasper. I invent stuff. Brian Kesinger made drawings of me doing my thing. We're making a book. I have big dreams. Please help.

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