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Brian Kesinger's Broomsticks and Brushwork Book

Brian Kesinger's Broomsticks and Brushwork Book

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Following in the tradition of popular titles like PENNED DRAGONS and INKED TAILS author and illustrator Brian Kesinger is happy to introduce a new book in his fantasy series…

BROOMSTICKS & BRUSHWORK is a carefully curated collection of crafty conjurers filled from cover to cover. Each turn of the page will introduce you to a new magical individual who are ready to expand what you know, or rather what you think you knew about the mystical realm of witchcraft.  From the smallest of pixie prestidigitators to the eldest enchanters, no mossy stone is left unturned in order to deliver this most complete volume of illustrated illusionists. 

80 pages of quality paper measuring approximately 7.5 x 7.5 inches. Each spread featuring a hand illustrated depiction of a witch with their descriptions on the opposite side

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